Media PageProduction stills and imagery related to the film.

Baseball Reliquary Executive Director Terry Cannon with one of the organizations relics, a cake model of Ebbets Field.

Producer/director Jon Leonoudakis with Boston Red Sox and Montreal Expos pitcher Bill "Spaceman" Lee on the interview set in San Rafael, CA., April, 2011.

Autograph from Pittsburgh Pirates slugger, Dick Stuart, whose adventures in the field earned him the nickname “Dr. Strangeglove”.

“Not Exactly Cooperstown” producer/director Jon Leonoudakis (L) helps Reliquary Executive Director Terry Cannon set up the “Son of Cardboard Fetish” exhibit at the South Pasadena Library in April of 2010.

The world famous San Diego Chicken takes a snack break with producer/director Jon Leonoudakis on the interview set at Petco Park in March, 2011.

Professors Richard Santillan (L) and Francisco Balderrama, authors of Mexican American Baseball in Los Angeles on the interview set of “Not Exactly Cooperstown”.

Phil Pote, professional baseball scout for 40+ years, on the Not Exactly Cooperstown interview set at Pote Field, Griffith Park, CA.

Ball Four author and big-league pitcher Jim Bouton shows producer/director Jon Leonoudakis the finer points of the knuckleball grip at the Baseball Reliquary’s “Ball Four Turns Forty” event at the Burbank Central Library in September of 2010.

Producer/director Jon Leonoudakis with Dodger great Tommy Davis at the Reliquary’s Ball Four Turns Forty event in September 2010 at the Burbank Central Library.

City of Pomona mayor Elliott Rothman congratulates Frank Corsaro for winning the Tommy Lasorda Look-a-Like contest at the Baseball Reliquary’s “Lasordapalooza” event in spring of 2010.

This page from Reliquary's prized autograph book features a quartet of unique individuals who made their mark on baseball: maverick owner Charles O. Finley (Kansas City /Oakland Athletics), one-armed outfielder Pete Gray (St. Louis Browns), Curt Flood, who was the first player to challenge the slave-like Reserve Clause, which cost him his career but ushered in free agency, and Pumpsie Green, the first African-American to play for the Boston Red Sox, which was the last major league club to integrate it's team.

007 nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld makes the “Villains” custom trading card set produced by Jon Leonoudakis.